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Introduction to Token Data

Token Data is a platform designed to develop and implement professional investment decisions. The decisions made are solely based on the cryptocurrency asset Data Lake. TokenData as an asset-backed token is now the first security token powered by Ethereum in Europe.

The token enables its holders to have amazing quarterly share profit distribution. The technology of this platform is fantastic. By connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, TokenData quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.

The platform aims to become the primary provider of economic, financial, and alternative datasets to cryptocurrency asset managers, and investment professionals / institutional investors. Token Data is working on serving the entire business network, providing them with accurate data and information to help them make better decisions with their investment portfolio.

Current Problems

One of the biggest problems facing the cryptocurrency space right now is the absence of accurate and timely available data that could help investors make more informed decisions. This set back is one of the reasons why some institutional investors are yet to delve into the cryptocurrency space.

As a financial market, tools should be available to provide economic, financial, and alternative datasets to cryptocurrency asset managers and institutional investors. The platforms should be dedicated to serving both the individual investors and the large investment firms. Token Data would also allow investors carry out complex trading strategies with the confidence that they have accurate and timely available data to help them out.

Use case analysis

Using Token Data to make effective investment decisions

As investors in the financial market, decisions are made based on the data and information provided regarding an asset. If an investor or asset manager is not supplied with the correct data or information, then they could make some decisions that could lead to them to record losses.

However, the Token Data network would help investors avoid all that. The data given to asset managers and investors would allow them to make better decisions and increase their chances of recording gains in the long run. All you have to do is subscribe and make use of the platform and the information it provides.

Using Token Data to manage complex trading strategies

The Token Data platform has a Trade book which offers a way to actively manage complex trading strategies on more than 40 global cryptocurrency exchanges. The feature has historical data and current ones that can be used for a broad range of applications including raining and backtesting automated trading systems and strategies, getting investment insights, and many more.

The complex trading strategies offered by Token Data would help the sophisticated traders and investors navigate the cryptocurrency space and make a profit from their activities.

Using Token Data to get essential financial and economic information

The Token Data multi-exchange platform provides its users with crucial financial and economic data such as the PNL, the team conducting the project, and many more. These essential data are obtained by vectorizing the White Papers to transform them into usable measures.

Token Data help clients by analyzing crypto projects on their fundamentals. The data provided by the company help investors realize how to approach a cryptocurrency project.

The Team behind Token Data

The Token Data team is made up of 9 members

ALEXIS BERTHOUD (CEO & Co-Founder) Alexis is an engineer with ten years of experience in entrepreneurship, in investment banks and industry. He dreams of creating a robust global network of blockchain enthusiasts Passionate about startups and disruptive digital innovations. He also co-founded the venture CINQS which was later acquired in December 2016 by Chabé Group

AGATHE JAMBU MERLIN (COO) Agathe is a full-stack data scientist and the third co-founder of Token Data. She has strong interests in Machine Learning & Quantitative Finance with a passion for data analysis. She continually seeks to discover the hidden signals in alternative data and to evangelize the world about the blockchain revolution.

STEED MONTEIRO (CTO) He is the CTO of the company and French Product Hunt leader. Steed has a ten years background in Entrepreneurship. Passionate about Start-up and Disruptive Digital Innovations.

ETHAN SEBBAN (CDO) He is the former CTO for CINQS. Founder of many projects like Drop Feature by TechCrunch. He launched his first app for iOS at age 16, and he was an early Bitcoin investor in 2013. Back end and product design specialist, he is passionate about Start-up, Data, and Finance.

YANN PRINGAULT (Fullstack Developer) Yann is a developer with over five years of experience. Tech specialist on Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB he is also passionate about product and design.

MAX HUANG (Legendary Senior Data Scientist)He is a resourceful Data Scientist / AI Guru with over ten years’ experience in modeling, simulation, prediction, validation, testing, measurement, analyzing, optimization from top research institutes and industries of aerospace, machinery, manufacturing, real estate, automotive, finance. He was awarded four times best paper/presentation at highly rated international conferences.

PARTHA SEN (Crypto Senior Data Scientist)Partha has two decades of tech experiences and has been working on applying Machine Learning models to the crypto economy for more than two years. He masters the creation of equity trading strategies and algorithmic trading based on machine learning.

YIJING LI (Genius Junior Data Scientist) Yijing’s work involves Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Building Model, Classification and Prediction.

JONATHAN NABAIS (Marketing Specialist) Jonathan Nabais is a marketer with over four years of diversified experience in marketing. He helps companies implement coherent strategies to stimulate their growth. He has hands-on managing several projects like NapoleonX in international markets and has been involved in blockchain since 2017.

Community Around Token Data

  • Facebook: 2,753 followers
  • Telegram: 3,331 members
  • Twitter: 2,842 followers

The Medium blog of Token Data has some great contents that tell people more about the project such as:

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TokenData is the first platform that builds and executes professional investment decisions

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Ticker: TDA

Pre-sale: Dec. 1, 2018 – Jan. 31, 2019

Public sale: Feb. 1, 2019 – Dec. 30, 2019

Total token supply:

Token type: Share-profit security token

Token price: 1 TDA token = 0.017 USD

Hard Cap: $12.000.000 USD

Accepted cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, EUR, CHF, STR, AE, XMR, BCH


Very early birds0 to $1M – 30%

Early birds $1M to $ 5M – 20%

Regulars $5M to $ 10M – 10%

Last call From $10M – 0%

Token Allocation

51%– tokens for sale

30%– tokens form management; founders, advisors, and team.

19%– tokens reserved

Use of funds

37%– Tech

40%– Sales

3%– Marketing

3%– Support

17%– Office structure

Tug of War

Token Data vs. Ethplorer

Ethplorer provides Token information and analytics for crypto investors, brokers, hedge funds and cryptomarket traders. It enables easy access to Ethereum-issued tokens, along with charts and in-depth transactions history based on token addresses, helping users to turn knowledge into powerful decision making.

TokenData meanwhile is way better since it provides information and analytics beyond just Ethereum based tokens. The platform aims to become the primary provider of economic, finance, and alternative datasets to cryptocurrency asset managers, and investment professionals / institutional investors.


Token Data is building an innovative platform that aims to provide economic, financial, and alternative datasets to cryptocurrency asset managers, and investment professionals. This service is vital for cryptocurrency traders and investors since it enables them to know every detail about a project before they invest in it. This will save people from investing in scam projects.














Market Growth





  • A unique business model
  • Excellent social media presence and large followership
  • Experienced team members.


  • Strong competition
  • Marketing and support are not very great
  • It covers a limited number of cryptocurrency exchanges