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The price of TokenPay (TPAY) has surged by more than 30% over the past 24 hours as it recently announces the impending launch of its eFin platform.

What is TokenPay?

TokenPay is a decentralized multi-currency crypto platform that is aiming to allow people to carry out cryptocurrency payments using advanced merchant tools and technology. The company’s mission is to tailor cryptocurrency banking needs to individuals in the crypto sector while also ensuring that they maintain the KYC and AML regulations put in place by authorities.

The merchant tools offered by this blockchain company allows businesses to safely and securely carry out their operations from any part of the world. They also provide escrow services and a secure wallet.

The TokenPay cryptocurrency is expected to see massive adoption over the coming months with the anticipated launch of its eFin platform.

TPAY coin surges as eFin launch nears

The rise of the TPAY cryptocurrency over the past few days could be attributed to the announcement by TokenPay that the eFin platform could be launched soon. eFin is TokenPay’s secure, decentralized, non-custodial, and private crypto exchange.

The platform is being designed with everything needed to handle large scale real-time crypto-to-fiat conversions for merchant businesses. They have so far partnered with WEG AG Bank and TokenSuisse in order to achieve this purpose.

According to TokenPay, the eFin platform will support the quick transactions involving TPAY, XVG, and LTC which can be used on other social platforms such as, TokenGaming, and CryptoBet.

On March 12, TokenPay published its report for February admitting that the eFin platform has evolved to become a Binance-like exchange. They would do that while also trying to maintain their cross-chain P2P direct trading and decentralized features.

The company ensured its users that eFin would have the highest security standard. Once launched, eFin would be the only cross-chain custody decentralized exchange and would use Tor network to boost privacy.

Tokenpay also announced the launch of TPAY Tip Bot. this new feature allows people to send TPAY to anybody via their Twitter accounts. Once the transaction has been initiated, the app creates a unique wallet for the operation which the receiver can transfer the funds to their wallet.

Even though it is not official yet, Express VPN, which has customers in over 94 countries is aiming to integrate TPAY coin on its platform.

These announcements have led the price of TPAY rise astronomically over the past few days. The cryptocurrency is up by roughly 40% against the US Dollars over the past 24 hours.

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