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Trinity Network Credit reported that it is making progress with its NEO-GUI development which was launched two months ago. The blockchain project listed some of the features it has been working on so far.

Trinity launches Neo-GUI development

Following the completion of the architecture and deployment of the layer-2 network by Trinity, the development team announced in February that it would start the NEO-GUI development. The project will see them integrate the layer-2 system of Trinity with Neo while also creating a full-node service in combination with the layer-1 and layer-2 networks.

According to the blog post, the NEO-GUI is the most famous, comprehensive, and stable full node available on the Neo network. Its wallet is also used mainly by community members. The development team has now provided some updates regarding the project.

The first progress made is with the construction of channels for transactions. The team is currently working on developing a multi-sign contract address, which will be used as the deposit address for both sides of the channel. Their target is to “complete the construction of the three messages, namely Founding Transaction, Commitment Transaction, and Revocable Delivery Transaction, based on which a channel will be created.”

The second feature is the processing messages of channel development. This feature is set to come with the detection of the balance of the channel, message construction, collection of signatures from both ends of the message, and broadcasting and monitoring the message as it passes along the chain.

The third feature listed is the language support present in the channel GUI. The team revealed that Chinese and English would be supported by the GUI in an attempt to meet the demand of different users. They added that more languages would be added to the GUI according to customer needs.

Once these developments are complete, Trinity will shift its focus towards boosting user experience and modularization of product structure. Simultaneously, the team will carry out research and explore other methods to integrate the set-up and running of state channel nodes. They could go further to design the subject with the aim of making it user-friendly and secure before fully developing it.

The Trinity team is excited about the NEO-GUI as it would allow their platform users to utilize layer-1 and layer-2 networks simultaneously, thus massively reducing the deployment cost. Trinity will also make use of their system topology of the Neo node to boost routing of the layer-2 network.

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