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What is UBex?

Ubex in one of the most promising project out there, they want to revolutionize the online advertising by adding some new improvements, the market is very big, it will reach 42$ billion by 2020 according to the forecast of Magna Global. The most important problem they want to solve is the low targeting efficiency. When we visit a website, usually they collect some data of our navigation, for example where we click or how much time we spend looking a certain page, but sometimes that data are not complete or partially incorrect. They use collected data for many reasons, one of them is to show us the right advertising, that one that suites more our personality or the banner/video that has major chances to be clicked or watched by us.

They want to resolve problems for users, advertisers and publishers.

The problems in the advertising industry for users are:

  1. Irrelevance
  2. Overpayment
  3. High risk

For Advertisers:

  1. Uncertainty
  2. Difficulty
  3. Ineffectiveness

For Publishers:

  1. To fill all ad slots
  2. Low earnings
  3. Non-payment

To solve these problems they’ve created the Ubex advertising exchange, where with the use of neural networks and blockchain technology they will revolutionize the market.

The neural networks will evaluate the interests of users, calculate the probability of targeted actions for advertisers and choose the most suitable advertisement. Visitors will see only ads that are maximally confined to their interests, and which would convince them more to fulfill the target action with maximum probability.

Ubex will allow passage from the traditional pay per click scheme to the model of payment for targeted actions, the fairest and interesting model for advertisers.

The team consists of high-level professionals with extensive experience in many areas like marketing, neural networks and blockchain. The infrastructure developed will allow Ubex to take the process of buying advertising and its economic efficiency to a new level.




Q4 2016

  • Creation of an advertising platform for promoting Payday Loans.

Q1 2017

  • Development of integration tools to link marketing campaigns with publishers’ websites.

Q3 2017

  • Introduction of an API interface for use by publishers to register advertising space.

Q4 2017

  • Addition of new types of advertising tools and customization of widgets.

Q1 2018

  • Introduction of advertiser auctions.

April 2018

  • Development of the exchange smart contract prototype for the storage of basic information.

May 2018

  • Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Advertiser application.

August 2018

  • Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Publisher application.

October 2018

  • Development of the system’s neural core prototype and initial training of the neural networks.

November 2018

  • Introduction of smart contracts capable of storing neural network adjacent coefficients in the blockchain.

December 2018

  • Introduction of an API prototype for sharing training data in exchange for rewards (data mining).

January 2019

  • Launch of the Beta versions of Advertiser and Publisher applications.

March 2019

  • Release of the initial versions of operational applications and smart contracts.

Important Info

Token: UBEX

Price: 1 UBEX = 0.00001 ETH

Bonus: Available

Bounty: Available

MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC

Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH

Soft cap: 4,000 ETH

Hard cap: 28,800 ETH

Country: Switzerland

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Restricted areas: USA, North Korea, Iran


Competitor’s comparison

Searching for competitors I was unable to find a similar project on the blockchain to compare, we cannot compare it against a normal Ad agency because they are building an exchange to buy and sell Ads.

Personal opinion

I think this project is huge, they have a great team, great project, great idea, the market is very big and they have done a great work until now. Solving this kind of problem is not simple but conceivable, personally I was involved in this problem some time ago, actually publishers wants to really monetize their product and users are tired to see annoying banners or videos they are not interested in, this could be the change that the market needs.

What I like

  • Excellent team +2
  • Giant market +2
  • Low min. investment +1

What I dislike

  • Huge competitors -1
  • Not big presence on socials -0.5



By Michele Costa















  • Excellent team +2
  • Giant market +2
  • Low min. investment +1


  • Huge competitors -1
  • Not big presence on socials -0.5