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Universa token is now listed on 6 top exchanges.

Listing the token on Quickex means that users now have more options to trade the token.

The Universa token (UTNP) was added to the Quickex exchange recently to further expand their reach and give potential investors the opportunity to easily exchange the tokens.

Information available on its Medium page shows that the token was added to the exchange at the end of 2018. The message says that “At the end of last year, UTNP token was added to the popular cryptocurrency exchange service, Quickex. You can use the platform to exchange UTNP to and from BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, DASH, XRP, quickly and at very good rates.”

News relating to this listing is also conspicuously displayed on their news handle on twitter @Universa_News. The company stated in addition, that only the UTNP was listed because their new protocol would require some time for exchanges to adopt it.

Quickex is one of the best-rated exchanges out there and some of the reasons for enjoying such rating include the fact that it is a simple, fast and convenient platform where cryptocurrencies can be exchanged at a much lower rate using the complex logic.

Other reasons that have attracted a lot of users to the platform include that it does not need to register, the transaction fee is just 0.5%, it is a one-stop exchange, it offers the best rates from 20+ exchanges, it has 24/7 technical support, amongst others.

About Unversa Token

Universa is a fully customizable blockchain designed to enable users to perform faster transactions and execute Smart Contracts. Its main objective is to solve the problems associated with the current blockchain, including slow speed of transaction, the high cost of transactions, huge bloat, Smart Contracts that are not smart after all, etc.

The advantages Universa brings to the table are:

  • Fast blockchain protocol. It is 1,000 times faster than bitcoin
  • Safe Smart Contract language. It is a new generation unique blockchain technology that makes execution of smart contracts simpler.
  • Low cost of transactions. While it allows its users to make more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is also about 100 times cheaper than both.
  • Light for androids
  • Zero knowledge platform (it does not require wallets)

Universa token milestone

A lot of developments have taken place in the milestone of the Universa token. The ICO started on the 26th October 2017 and ended on the 28th November 2017, during which $28,559,233 USD was raised. 

UTNP is currently ranked number 228 on the Coin Market Cap table with a market capitalization of $10,068,675 USD. While its total supply is 4,997,891,952 the circulating supply stands at 1,848,760,649 and the price is $0.005446 USD.

Listing on Exchanges

UTNP is listed on Cobinhood, Ethfinex & Bitfinex, Livecoin and Coinbene exchanges. With the recent listing on Quickex, more customers will have access to exchange the Universa token.

However, it is yet to be listed on the world’s most respected exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Kucoin, etc. It is expected to gradually get listed on these exchanges as time goes by.

Price change

During the ICO, one UTNP was sold for $0.01 USD. Nevertheless, the volatility in the crypto market has grossly affected its price over time. While its highest price ever was recorded on 17th February 2018 when it exchanged at $0.054758, it is presently exchanging for $0.0054 USD. There are hopes that this price will improve as the current plunge in crypto prices gradually returns to normalcy.