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The development team behind VeChain announced a few hours ago that they had launched VeChainWorld, a platform that is aimed at making improving user experience for Vechain apps. The community is also gearing up for the VeChain 2019 summit slated to take place tomorrow.

VeChainWorld To Boost User Experience

According to a blog post by VeChain yesterday, April 14, the newly launched VeChainWorld is expected to increase the efficiency of user experience on their platform. The VeChainWorld comes with an application hub, developer information center, and developer forum.

The VeChainWorld will serve as a one-stop shop for users to find apps and useful information regarding the cryptocurrency and its network. The feature would also enable users to effectively communicate with other ecosystem developers.

“With this, you have a much needed to revamp on the current user experience when accessing VeChain applications,” the blog post added. Using the application hub, users will be able to scroll through all apps hosted on the VeChainThor, depending on the category you are looking for.

While addressing developers, VeChain pointed out that they can submit their apps in the application hub. Once submitted, the VeChain development team will review the app before adding it to their network. The review process will include tests to verify the primary functions of the apps and to see if they don’t contain illegal contents.

The VeChainWorld can be accessed via Sync in addition to Google Chrome. Sync is an open source browser that is built with all the essential parts of the VeChainThor Blockchain. The browser comes with VeChain wallet, Connex environment, node, transaction and activity history, and more. The Sync browser is available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux computer devices.

VeChain maintained that while the user interface might look familiar to users, they have integrated many functions via the VeChainThor Blockchain that would make the experience a better one for everyone.

The team revealed that it has also made changes to the VeChainThor Mobile Wallet. The mobile version 1.4 comes with a VeChain Application Browser allows users to access apps present on the VeChainWorld. For apps that are compatible with mobile devices, users can access the apps via the new mobile wallet software.

VeChain 2019 Summit Just A Few Hours Away

The VeChain community is getting ready for the 2019 summit set to take place in San Francisco in a few hours. The conference will focus on essential issues like the growth in the blockchain sector, and critical information related to VeChain and its network.

The 2019 VeChain summit is aimed at bringing together app developers, academic professionals, startups, venture capitalists and more. The coming together of this group of people could lead to partnerships to find solutions that would increase the value of the VeChainThor ecosystem.

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