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What is Vertalo (VEST)?

Launched in 2018, Vertalo is a cross-chain platform for issuing security tokens, that allows broker-dealers, issuers, and their investors to visually manage portfolio data related to communications, compliance, and eligibility with an end-goal of real-time liquidity. The platform aims to connect verified real-world identity to blockchain identity in order to enable compliant wallet ownership.

Vertalo is the first product of SeriesX, a security token investor platform. It uses the blockchain tech to enable two-sided certification of work, academic and achievement history. A platform that helps people ‘prove themselves’ so they can access opportunities, housing, and credit, Vertalo also assists companies in preparing for the future via workforce data and payroll management.


In 2018, the ICOs came under intense scrutiny for the SEC and other regulatory bodies in the USA, and the ICO model started to falter as issuers, investors, and promoters started to receive inquiries from regulatory bodies. Rumors started that projects that had used the ‘SAFT’ model were targeted for having potentially violated US securities law. Anecdotal evidence points to a sharp drop-off of ICOs in the United States, and a migration to jurisdictions such as Malta, that have been seen as more ‘crypto-friendly’.

In order for ICOs to really become a mainstream means of raising capital, some form of investor protection must be present. It seems inevitable that the SEC will soon classify at least some kinds of tokens as securities. When that happens, issuers of said tokens will have to find an SEC-compliant platform on which to perform their ICOs. Without proper legal guidance, an organization performing an ICO could end up wasting unnecessarily large amounts of money.


The aim of the Vertalo platform is to bring digital token fundraising into compliance with US securities law, starting from the implementation of KYC/AML protocols for both token issuers and investors.

Tokens issued on Vertalo will cling to lockups and other trading restrictions as required by the jurisdiction of issuance. Vertalo will also act as a platform for open communication between stakeholders and issuers, as well as a means of distributing dividends to investors.


Vertalo was founded by a team of enthusiasts lead by Dave Hendricks (CEO), who has extensive real-world experience in founding and scaling technology companies. Other co-founders include William Baxter (CTO) and Gautam Gujral (General Counsel), both of whom boast with enviable expertise and knowledge in relevant fields.

To learn more about the rest of the team and advisory board, check out the Vertalo website:


The Community around it and Recent News

  • Twitter: 437 followers;
  • Telegram: 125 members.

Vertalo also has a Medium blog, so here are a few highlights:

Token info

  • Pre-Token Sale start date: no information
  • Pre-Token Sale end date: no information
  • Main Token Sale start date: no information
  • Main Token Sale end date: no information
  • Total Token Supply: no information
  • Total Tokens Offered: no information
  • Hard Cap: no information
  • Soft Cap: no information
  • Token Symbol: VEST
  • Token Sale Price: no information
  • Blockchain Used: no information
  • Token Standard: no information
  • Token Type: Security

Token distribution: no information

The intended use of funds: no information

Roadmap: no information


Vertalo is one of many platforms dealing with issuance and management of security tokens. Two of them are Securitize and Harbor.

Securitize is a blockchain platform that provides end-to-end solutions for issuers seeking to tokenize assets. On the platform, assets can be funds, a company, or any other real form of asset. Securitize manages the processing of the solicited investors from login to capital received, as well as the issuance and management of the security tokens throughout the lifetime of the asset.

Harbor is a blockchain platform designed to launch security tokens and help them comply with the existing regulatory framework. It also assists in the transition of traditional asset classes of companies to move to blockchain and hence in their tokenization.


Vertalo has all the potential to become one of the leading security token issuance platforms. They surely have an optimistic spirit and are working hard on achieving important partnerships in the industry.

Although Vertalo is hardly the only platform of its nature in the world, it nevertheless has the competitive advantage in the form of its team which includes experts such as Gautam Gujral, with extensive experience in securities law and investment banking. The former SEC Senior Counsel is an ideal candidate for sifting through the complex legal gray area occupied by ICOs.

Having said that, it is rather disappointing that we couldn’t find any information about their VEST token sale, even when reaching out to the Vertalo team. It’s a shame as that fact might put off investors and rob them of investments that could propel their success.

Speaking of reaching out, Vertalo should definitely put some more effort into communicating with the community, going into more detail about their platform and how exactly they mean to implement it. Requesting a demo is hardly the practical option in today’s busy world.


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  • Strong team
  • Powerful partnerships
  • Great potential
  • Relevant


  • Absolutely no information on the token sale
  • Very small social media presence
  • There are other platforms with similar agendas