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EOS seems to be in the rising trend in the short term. The price faces major horizontal resistance at $4.5 USD, which is an important level based on long term historical data.

While it will be very challenging for EOS to get above this level, a clean breakout can send the price all the way up to $6.5 USD in the coming month or two.

EOS was recently ranked as the number 1 blockchain project in the world by China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), which is great fundamental news for the project.


ICON has shown the signs of an impending bull run already, with price hitting the major resistance level of $0.3 USD four times since December 2018.

Usually, when the price hits a resistance level multiple times like that, it eventually breaks out. Strong buying volume is also a great sign that ICON may soon be able to find much bullish strength to break out.

If we do see the breakout, a price target of $0.5 USD per token is in clear visibility to be achieved over the medium term.


NEO is consolidating with a rising trend line and a healthy RSI. Price may find support on the trend line and continue upward. Resistance will be seen at $10 USD and we already saw a fake breakout above the level.

As long as the price keeps climbing slowly and stays above the trend line, it is expected that it will soon have a clean breakout above $10 USD and hit $15 USD price target in the medium term.


Stellar Lumens has been down for months now with no relief rally seen in terms of recovery. The price action now seems to have formed a very clean ascending triangle.

A short term price target of $0.11 USD can be easily achieved based on the current momentum given if we see a break above the triangle. Given Stellar Lumens’ strong fundamentals, the price target of $0.11 is an easy one to achieve in the short to medium term.


The price action of Tron has been quite bearish. Despite some good news coming such as being ranked second after EOS in the Chinese crypto rankings and Tron’s hardfork to include some new innovative features, the price did not react much at all and continued its bearish path.

This is not a good sign for Tron holders at the current moment. Price is soon expected to find support at $0.0185 USD level in coming weeks .

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