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Tron’s TRX keeps going higher since the lows of the 25th/28th November 2018.

A January full of announcement for Tron’s team, from BitTorrent Token, offered exclusively on Binance launchpad, to the “Allow Same Token Name” proposal for TRC-10 Tokens and the extension of the enquiry service expire date to January 31st in regards of Tron’s ERC-20 Tokens.

Tron developer’s community keeps growing and with it the platform’s infrastructure and adoption. In a tweet from Misha Lederman, we can see the achievements Tron’s platform has reached, like the 150+ Dapps on it and 1.5 Million accounts.

Let’s have a look at BitTorrent Crowdsale, which in our opinion is contributing more to the TRX price increase.

BitTorrent Token Announcement 

On the 3rd of January, BitTorrent Inc. announced the creation of a new token, called BitTorrent (BTT), which will be issued by BitTorrent Foundation and will enable users to exchange tokens to improve network speed. 

The tokens will be also used to reward the seeds in the BitTorrent network that keep seeding the content online.

The Token will be a TRC-10 and exclusively available on Binance launchpad from the 28th of January 2019. The BTT Tokens will also be airdropped from the 11th of February to all TRX holders.

The ratio for the airdrop is still not very clear, some news outlets stated 1:1 ratio and some more official like Binance and BitTorrent Inc. 1 TRX=0.11 BTT. From the official Tron Telegram, we’ve been told that it will add up every year until 1:1 ratio around 2021.

The airdrop will take place every year on March 11th— February 11th till 2025. Major Exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Bithumb and many more already announced that they will support the BTT airdrops for TRX holders.

How this is impacting TRX price?

TRX price increased a giant 48% since the start of the month and it has just approached a big resistance at $0.027 USD as we see in the image below:

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In other announcements, we can also see 260+ project submissions and 360+ project registrations for the TRON Accelerator, which gives more insights about the steady global adoption of Tron platform and its infrastructure. 

As far as we know, we think the TRX price will continue its steady rise since the junction with BitTorrent and its airdrops throughout the years until 2025. The exclusivity of BitTorrent crowd-sale into Binance launchpad, where you can just buy with TRX and BNB, is also a good signal for the coin appreciation and increase of demand.

We might see some corrections, as always happens in the cryptocurrency market, but still, we see Tron performing well in 2019 especially looking at its growing user base and the variety of projects developing Dapps on it.

As usual, we do not give financial advice, that’s just our personal opinion and we’d like to have your opinion as well about the topic. Do you think Tron will have a great 2019? Let us know in the comment section.

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