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What’s Zero Carbon Project (ZCC)?

Zero Carbon Project aims to tackle climate change with the help of blockchain. While renewable energy is the perfect tool to reduce carbon emission, and the technology is becoming cheaper, the impact of renewable technologies is slow. The project has been building for one year, and they will be launching the UK in October, and worldwide in 2019. Zero Carbon Project is a subsidiary of the Beond Group, which is an award-winning energy and carbon consultancy based in London.


Climate change has been a global issue. While governments have attempted to find a solution, the problems keep on persisting. Rising temperatures, erratic weather conditions, melting ice-caps, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One of the main concerns of the Zero Carbon Project are the greenhouse gases and their effect on the temperature change. While there are more and more renewable resources to produce energy, these solutions are still expensive, and many customers are unwilling to pay a higher price for green energy, thinking that their contribution is not big enough to make an impact.


Zero Carbon Project aims to speed up the transition from traditional energy sources to green energy. While renewable energy might be still more expensive, the project aims to reduce prices with international carbon credits, and intense competition on the market to reduce prices.

The 2-part solution includes consumers saving money from the Zero Carbon Market- where natural competition between providers will decrease price levels. Rewards will be provided to consumers, as the catalyst for change, to give an extra incentive for users to switch energy source. According to their blog, the extra reward will work as follows:

„More token rewards can be earned by helping us spread the word using our easy to use referrals programme. These bonus reward tokens could be worth an additional £57/year for each referral and could continue as long as the new customer continues using the Zero Carbon Market. The new customer will also earn this same bonus reward. Using these assumptions, a Zero Carbon consumer could earn enough ZeroCarbon token rewards to cover his electricity costs after referring to 15 new customers.“


Zero Carbon Project team is part of the Beond Group and is made up by industry professionals, who are passionate about creating a greener world.

Partners and Advisors:

  • GBX crypto exchange
  • Amazix community engagement consultancy
  • Renowned & Co – ICO marketing consultancy
  • Lunalabs- ICO consultants and technical service
  • BOK consulting- smart contract advisor

You can find the rest of the team members in the link below:

Token info:

Main Token Sale start date: October 2018

Main Token Sale end date: Unknown

Total Token Supply: 240,000,000

Total Tokens Offered: 8,900,000

Hard Cap: 5,000,000 USD

Token Symbol: ZCC

Token Sale Price: 1 ZCC = 0.20 USD

Blockchain Used: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC20

Token Type: Utility

Use of proceeds and Token distribution

Besides the USD 5 million token sale, there will be a USD 15 million equity sale.


There are several other companies aiming to revolutionize the energy industry:


WPP provides hardware solutions and a decentralized marketplace for trading sustainable energy produced by wholesalers. Their reverse ICO is happening at the time of writing.


WePower helps trading green energy with the help of smart energy contracts, which represent how much energy a power plant is planning to produce and how it will be divided between investors. Current market cap at $14 million.


Peer-to-peer green energy trading system on blockchain based in Australia. Market cap $67 USD.


The Zero Carbon project has an ambitious goal in mind- reverting people from exploiting non-renewable energy resources, by providing a unique price and incentive program.

Their team and project bring a lot of experience, and great connections in the market through the Beond group.

Compared to the competitors, they are the first player targeting the specifically UK market, which so far is an unexploited opportunity. Their closest competitor is WPP, both in location, and service offering. As they are both conducting their ICOs at this moment, it is hard to see which project can bring more success. Their plans to launch in the Australian market could clash with PowerLedger, however, there is a difference in the offering, as the Zero Carbon project is not a P-2-P system.

Their unique financing structure leaves only a small part of the token to be sold and traded, with a larger share of private equity. While this makes the company more centralized, it could provide more protection against the volatility of crypto markets.

All-in-all the Zero Carbon Project is a promising project, with well-formed strategy, and we are excited to see, how will they help to save our environment.









By Barbora Juhaszova















  • Existing company and connections
  • Target market underserved
  • Plenty of incentive for the customer for switching


  • Lack of information on the token sale
  • Low attention from the community