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Bethereum, a social betting platform developed on a blockchain announced the launch of its first token-based skill multi-player game. The game, is based on another popular game, and will see users join by paying with BETHER tokens.

Bethereum Launches

Bethereum announced a few hours ago that it had launched its novel token-based skill multiplayer game. The game which is called is designed based on another game,, allowing users to start as small blob and grow by eating pellets and other players.

According to their official gaming platform, players would start as a small blob and grow by eating pellets and other players (smaller blobs). To play the game, users would need to move their mouse cursor to control their blob.

The game also sees players get BETHER tokens as rewards for playing excellently. The bigger a blob becomes, the more BETHER tokens a player can win. To join the game, users can utilize either their free entry tickets or pay 300 Bether tokens. According to the game instructions, “To collect your winnings, click on “CASH IN” or Q in the game and survive the 30-second countdown. But be careful: you lose all your winnings if you get eaten.”

Players can also split their cells as they grow more significant by pressing SPACE. This would allow them to eat more pellets and evade the bigger pellets with ease. To eject some mass, a player would need to press the W key.

Bethereum is an innovative social betting platform developed on a blockchain. The platform is designed to solve some of the critical problems affecting conventional betting by offering numerous unique features and improvements. Although Bethereum is starting with sports betting, their goal is to build a broader ecosystem and make the Bether token a standard currency for the betting market.

Following the launch of the game, Bethereum is inviting cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts to join the blockchain-powered action. Bethereum is urging its community members to get involved in further developing its platform and games by sending feedback to the development team on a regular basis.

Bethereum wants to change the face of gaming

Bethereum recognizes the lack of transparency and trust within the traditional betting world. However, they are working towards improving that by changing how betting is carried out. To boost transparency, Bethereum players bet against their friends instead of a bookmaker. Thus, regardless of the winner, the money stays within the group.

By launching their platform on a blockchain, Bethereum is leveraging its power of transparency and security to ensure that users enjoy a rewarding experience.

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