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Pundi X keeps expanding around the globe increasing investors interest in NPXS Token.

Pundi X points to be the largest decentralized point of sale network, taking the increasingly large new generation of crypto enthusiasts and traders, through a user-friendly POS device and Mobile Wallet.

Pundi X has recently achieved another expansion goal activating its POS in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. In the tweet from Pundi X Labs the team stated: “Thank you for having us in the interview and cover activation in Brazil”

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Brazil is a giant developing country where lately we have seen a new leadership in its government after the demise of the ex-president Lula, accused of corruption between the other crimes. 

This new leadership could bring more stability to the country, which represents a strong advantage for cryptocurrency & blockchain projects who are expanding their activities in Brazil and Latin America.

Another recent good news is represented by another tweet, this time from Constantin Papadimitriou AKA Kiki, Pundi X’s President.

He stated: “Congratz and all team. Great work! Exciting to see XPOS integrated with HARA and being used by farmers across Indonesia”

Here you can check the HARA medium article.

Another country still in development like Indonesia, is a great place where to spread the Pundi X technology with its POS and Mobile Wallet with the annexed NPXS Token as a payment solution. 

HARA started as one of the leading big data companies in the Southeast Asian region since 2015; they have acquired land, weather, farmer, and KYC data across Indonesia, partnered with banks and financial institutions to disburse loans to smallholder farmers and launched incentive mechanisms that ensure high usage frequency and retention rate.

About Poundi X’s NPXS Token, we have seen a 58% increase since the bottom of the late December 2018 with a valuation of $0.00037 USD and 10 Satoshis, which lasted very little since it represented a great entry point for the traders and investors, who “BTD”, Bought The Dip basically, in no time.

Currently, the NPXS price revolves around $0.00050 USD and 14/15 Satoshis, looking good for a possible rally sustained by the massive volume increase seen on the exchanges today.

Last but not least, we’d like to mention the AMA with Zac Cheah, CEO an co-founder of Pundi X, where he stated: “More than 5500 XPOS have been shipped with more due next week. Some 50,000 XPASS cards have been activated, making it the most activated crypto card in the market.”

Overall the project is well planned and eager for expansion and mass adoption, we have seen that from the news cited above and we will probably see more in the coming months. Pundi X has a real-world usage and a team determined to make it a big player in the financial world, that’s why we are confident that it will do great in the coming future.

Also, the big partnerships inside and outside the blockchain space, give more reliability and trustworthiness to the whole Pundi X ecosystem. 

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As usual, we need to mention that none of that is financial advice but rather personal opinions deducted from what we have seen about the Pundi X development and progress. Please let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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